Snowmobile rental

Rent a snowmobile and enjoy the stunning scenery of Ruka

Rukahuolto Ltd. rents snowmobiles to individuals and as well to groups. By renting a sled from us you will always receive not only friendly service but also all the necessary riding equipment, ie helmet, overall, shoes and gloves.
The snowmobiles we rent are well suited for all levels of snowmobiling. They are enjoyed by both a more experienced driver and a beginner. We advise all renters on the use of the snowmobiles and guide you to Ruka’s popular snowmobile routes.
There are different levels of snowmobile trails to suit every taste. For example, you can take a few hours on an easy route or take a day trip around Kuusamo and enjoy the beautiful scenery. You do not need a separate driving license for snowmobiling. The snowmobile can be driven with a car license. It is good be prepared if something happens, always take a cell phone, water and warm clothes for the trips!


All of our snowmobiles are Polaris 550 models. Seats for two.
Rental rates:
8 hours – 170€
4 hours – 110€
3 hours – 95€
2 hours – 75€
In addition to the snowmobile, rentals include equipment (overall, helmet, shoes, gloves).
Self liability is 850€.
Petrol is not included in the rental price.

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Rent a snowmobile

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