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Rukabuses Snowmobile rental Service & Repair

Snowmobile rentals

In addition to the snowmobile, rentals include equipment (overall, helmet, shoes, gloves).

Service & Repair

Rukahuolto is a versatile service and repair company that invests in the quality of work. Get in the habit of conducting regular vehicle maintenance and you’ll avoid potentially costly breakdowns as well as extend the life of your car.


Transport company based in Kuusamo. Travel comfortable in our buses; fleet consists of over 20 different kind of buses for all your needs – 8-57 seats.

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Rukahuolto Ltd. / Rukabuses

Rukahuolto Ltd. / Rukabuses is a Finnish family business operating in Ruka, Kuusamo. The company offers public transport services, charter services within Finland and abroad, snowmobile rental and a wide range of maintenance services for a variety of vehicles.
With us you can safely and reliably book a charter bus for a larger group of airport transfers or even for a trip outside Finland. We produce charter services with over two decades of experience. We always tailor transports flexibly to customer requirements.
Snowmobile rental in Ruka area is easy and hassle free. The sleds we rent are suitable for everyone, and you may not need any previous driving experience. The rental always includes the necessary driving equipment and, if necessary, we will advise you on the best routes to the stunning scenery of Ruka.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if your car, snowmobile, ATV or small machine needs service. In addition our services include tire work, air conditioning maintenance and fault code reading etc.